Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project Runway Episode 9: It's A Tight Race for Hideous Today

Better late than never, here's last week's PR review. Thanks for your patience xo

My first thought is Heidi looks like a big 'chunk of change' in a too tight satin dress. But on to business, this week's challenge was to create a high-fashion look, think Paris Couture, which will appear in a L'Oreal Paris Advertorial. Huh? It's an online ad I think. Problem is the challenge feels a bit too gimmicky, from winning a pot full of gold at the end of a rainbow of bad dresses, to the designers having to use one of the 'Studio Secret Eye Shadow Duo Finishes' (think metallic, velvet, crystal, etc.) from L'Oreal as inspiration. The lucky winner of this challenge will receive $20,000 from L'Oreal (darn generous considering this season's lackluster talent), and besides being a very exciting incentive, by the time the designers are done with every task of this never-ending challenge someone better be going home with 20K. Besides, April wants a miniature pony and Mondo needs some drinking money...
Back in the workroom Gretchen and Michael C are battling against an addiction to burgundy, and why on earth is Andy wearing a tichel? A few design ideas so far:
Mondo- Kaleidoscope, Ivy- Hawaii, Gretchen- Kimono sleeves, Andy- Warrior Girl, Valerie- Silk
Then it happens, Tim comes into the workroom and scares the daylights out of everyone by announcing that the designers have to create a second Ready To Wear (RTW) companion look. Seriously? Poor Tim is Death's messenger here. More sketching plus another trip to MOOD, and I have major pee in my pants anxiety...
It's finally Runway Time and guest judge this week is designer Naeem Kahn. He makes beautifully embellished clothes and actually knows a thing or two about fashion. What a concept producers!
My Runway thoughts:
April: arrgh it's hard to tell what her garment is on the tv screen, but I like that it's short. Does she make anything else? Cute RTW look though.
Mondo: love the couture feeling and Vivienne Westwood meets Sonia Rykiel stripes, and I LOVE the back. But really don't like the black satin skirt in front. I kind of wish the back was really the front. RTW piece is super cute and wearable.
Ivy's horribly constructed gown and RTW piece look like they came off the rack from David's Bridal Oceanic Line. Cheap, tacky, tasteless. Aaaaaaaaaaaah
Michael C: his over the top gown could kill someone with that massive wired train, but the RTW dress is super cute despite its being very tiny.
Christopher's gown looks like a mermaid at her wedding, accidentally covered in chiffon toilet paper. Thank goodness the RTW dress is elegant.
Gretchen: Yowzers! You know it's bad news when even designer judge Naeem Kahn looks absolutely baffled. It's really just not my taste. At all. The hippy feathered velvet robe looks fit for Kumbaya time around someone's firepit.
Valerie's white gown looks like 'Glinda The Good Witch's' special occasion dress. And that black RTW companion is the worst companion I've ever seen. A blah vision of blackness with 3 little crystal buttons...
Um wait a minute, I'm actually liking something coming down the runway...it's sparkly and inventive... It's Andy South's metallic pleated warrior girl outfit! And his RTW bodycon dress with metallic panels is utterly chic. I really hope he wins...Note to Self and Everyone Else: Of course Heidi didn't hate Ivy's blue bridesmaid dresses as much as the other judges did, because she also has sucky taste people! Also, what's with the judges praising Gretchen's velvet swamp thing caftan? So Valerie's dresses get slammed by the judges and Michael Kors goes on a comedy diatribe about how ridiculous they are, so much so that Nina and Heidi can't stop laughing behind their runway cards. Judge Oops of the week: Nina tells Valerie her dress looks like 'Miss Guatemala'. Poor Val has to admit that her family is actually from Guatemala...One more newsflash: I do not envy the judges one bit. Trying to make sense out of a mostly ugly and cheap heap of dresses is no easy feat, not to mention L'Oreal's having to part with $20K on that account......And Mondo's the winner. I was hoping for Andy in terms design, but I do love Mondo anyways. And the loser? Wohoo it's Ivy. Here's hoping David's Bridal will hire her...
Image source: mylifetime.com

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