Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project Runway Episode 6: You Can Totally Wear That Again (Can You?)

Gaaaah it's a whole load of tacky bridesmaid dresses this week, and only one sound of music comes to mind: "Girls in pink dresses with big satin sashes..." And these are so NOT a few of anyone's favorite things. The challenge this week: Take one ghastly bridesmaid dress and breathe new life into it, making it wearable once again using most of the original 'crimes against humanity' garment. Possible? We shall see...

After consulting with the brave owners of the dresses, aka the clients, the designers were off. By the way, I must commend Gretchen (yes I said that out loud!) on showing some bravery by remaining calm and accepting Tim's workroom critique without crying, despite being called a manipulative and bullying biatch by Tim last week. Moving on to Tim's workroom critique, he thinks Michael D's lace overlaid fuschia gown looks like a "great big oversize bra." Peach's printed gauzy dress needs lots of help, and very uncharacteristically Tim actually likes what Casanova's created, to which Casanova purrs the word "esaaaaaaactly" one too many times...Then Tim springs a surprise to the designers' horror: Tomorrow they will be presenting their designs, as modeled on their clients, in a designer showcase in front of lots and lots of people!Michael C. hard at work

At the designer showcase each client stands, gallery space-like, in a corner with a fishbowl in front awaiting button votes from the viewing public. So far Peach and April's revamped dresses are the ugliest, Gretchen's ombre tank dress looks like it has a giraffe tail on the back, and Michael D's fuschia satin dress with black lace overlay is getting the least button drops. Oh and Michael C is seriously getting on my nerves...Who got the most button votes in the end? Mondo's 'Mod' style pink and black revamped dress.It's judgement time and designer Cynthia Rowley joins as guest judge. I have to say (I sound like Heidi here) Christopher did a really good job reworking a curtain dress, and Casanova's satin pants and draped blouse were fab. By the way does anyone else think Michael D, in his knotted bandana, looks like Austin Powers' Dr. Evil singing "it's a hard knock life"? In any case Michael Kors thinks his dress went from bridesmaid to Bat Mitzvah. That's bad news. But I'm fully expecting Peach's dress to be deemed most hideous, after all Michael Kors thinks her model looks like "she's got an avocado goiter." Holy crap that's brilliant and spot on. Valerie's dress is slightly disturbing with its spidery black straps and heavy chesty bodice. The judges love Michael C's sexy black satin dress and its amazing transformation from dated bridesmaid to cute and edgy cocktail. Unfortunately I couldn't make out the details clearly online, so I leave that one up to the judges. But if Peach's swamp thing disaster is not out this week, I will be holding someone seriously responsible...An Avocado Goiter dress

The winner this week? aaaah Michael Costello! And the other designers are none too pleased. He's just so annoying, and so is his craftsmanship.
Who is OUT? please be Peach, please be Peach, please be Peach....and it's Peach! Her taste level was always on the tacky, but I'm going to really miss her as a person, I've loved her attitude and her outlook. I think we will all miss her, Tim very much included....And so we end on a teary note and await next week's challenge of Resort proportions.
Auf Wiederschnitzelhosen designers! Get that smirk off your face!

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Amery said...

I love your blog posts on the show as much as I love the blog, Tanya! You are fantastic! One day we must watch the show together!

RedPoppy said...

Amery, thank you so so much for your amazing compliments! Would love to...

Fé... said...

Project Runway is a fairly nice show, but I prefer Stylista a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great blog post! I love project runwa! This season however, im so confused on who I want to win! Alot of the designers get on m nerves :pp

xo Ryley