Monday, September 27, 2010

RedPoppy's Fall 2010 Shoe Picks Continued...

*SIGH* Another bunch of drool worthy, handsomely buckled, fashionably fierce, gorgeous leather footwear for this winter season, and I'm forced to get back into the employment line and land two proper extra jobs just so I can afford these beauties. You know that familiar question What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Well, I would do the same for shoes...!
All styles available through

Alexander McQueen
Multi-Buckle Ski Ankle Boots

Dolce Vita
Holt Suede Pumps

Tory Burch
Lace-Up Wedge Ankle Boots

Yves Saint Laurent
Tribute 105 Mary Jane Suede Pumps

Rick Owens
Stretch Leather Slouchy Boots


Celeste said...

Holy Heck, those Alexander Mqueen boots are effing amazing!
They buckle up like ski boots.
Frig yeh.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for commenting Celeste! Those boots are indeed effing amazing....