Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Sephora makeup for Spring Redheads

First of all I love the Spring ad campaign for Sephora which features red-wigged models looking RedPoppy indeed. The pink and coral color trends for Spring continue to bring us pretty (and mostly affordable) makeup which will look lovely on your pale, peaches and cream, or freckly complexion: Benefit Coralista Blush, Makeup Forever Glossy Full Couleur Lip Gloss in Fuschia, & Sephora Brand Moroccan Sunrise Palette (just watch out for the rusty color on the left).
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fall '09 Fashion Week: LONDON

In case you haven't noticed yet it's Fashion season and the whirlwind that was New York Fashion Week has moved to London, where there's never a shortage of quirkiness and creativity in the designer collections. I present you one of my favourite redhead Dames of fashion Vivienne Westwood. Her self titled runway shows are often outrageous and filled with British punk and naughty schoolgirl nostalgia, and Ms. Westwood's Fall 2009 Red Label collection was no less colorful.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Redhead New York City

One of my favorite past times is walking all over New York city in my infinitely comfortable grey Ugg boots, and letting all sorts of sights and sounds catch my redhead fancy. As seen through the eyes of a redhead, Manhattan becomes freshly filled with a medley of colors, bright Sephora windows, subway tile art, a Barbie exhibit, and redhead store mannequins (Chico's featured one of the most ghastly looking dummies I've ever seen, with a redhead bowl cut and unflattering bottom-heavy look). Lucky for RedPoppy there was no better place to begin musing than the larger-than-life fashion sketches which brilliantly adorned the entrance tents to Fashion Week at Bryant Park.
Photos by RedPoppyFashion.

Worst Dressed Red Carpet

'Tis a surprise most pleasant that the majority of gowns paraded on the Oscars red carpet last night were pretty and flattering. Of course there are always a few celebrities who get it wrong and end up looking like they dressed themselves (goodness forbid). Thus it is with a heavy heart that Reese Witherspoon, whom we depend on for her usually flawless looks, tops our worst dressed list in an electric blue and black draped mess of a gown by Rodarte. I feel like someone punched me in the eye and Reese looks black and blue, blurry and puffy. Among the small flock of mermaid dresses on the red carpet, Beyonce's black and gold flower print Armani Prive gown looked like a large gilded carpet. Someone please physically restrain her from the clothing rack with the mermaid styles already! I'm a big fan of curves, as long as they don't appear to grow as the night wears on. Goldie Hawn, who is in slight denial about her 60+ age, looked like a tropical fish with a missing head. She should have grown her wrinkles-hiding hairstyle just a tad passed her waist to hide her ill-fitting pancake top.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Awards Kate Winslet Carpet

Best Actress winner Kate Winslet has proven her second skin elegance when it comes to the numerous red carpets gowns she has donned during this busy awards season. Being nominated for more than one film in one season is enough to make anyone run into the capable hands of a stylist, and such is no different for Mrs."I think my bum is big" Winslet. Her recent red carpet looks have been sleek and safe, but booooring and repetitive in long straight-cut gowns in muted palettes of black, black, more black, and some blue. For the Academy Awards tonight Kate wore a grey and black Yves St. Laurent gown which perfectly fit the Winslet formula. I was unmoved, comatose, barely a flicker of my eyelash on a windy night. Plus it made her otherwise perfect bust look stuffed and puffy a la exercise bra syndrome. Did I mention her hair looks like a small helmet, and someone forgot to apply her lipstick....I say sack the stylist before the next movie........
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Academy Awards Spectrum carpet

The Academy Awards Red carpet was awash in some beautiful colors such as blue, lavender, and mustard gold, notably worn by legendary actress Sophia Loren who curiously looks younger every year (facelift, botox, good Italian genes??). OK, ok, I know Sophia's dress looks like it got stuck in a pleat machine going in circles. It's also a 1985 souvenir and a drag queen contest contender....... I hear you loud and clear readers
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Academy Awards Pale carpet

Pastel colors have so far ruled the red carpet, creating a frothy sea of organza, tulle and silk in neutral shades of eggshell, champagne, almost mint, grey, putty, and sequins galore. Presenter Sarah Jessica Parker looked boobylicious in her Dior Haute Couture tulle and beaded gown, as she proudly stood next to her loyal husband Matthew Broderick on the red carpet. Someone please tell the Fructus Garnier spokesmodel it's time to return to her blonde roots and shove her chest back into her dress! Supporting Actress winner Penelope Cruz wore an antique Balmain gown which apparently was Cinderella's second choice for the ball. Marisa Tomei wore a stunning Versace gown with a voluminously pleated bodice and train, while Taraji P. Henson looked decadent in a tiered organza Roberto Cavalli gown. Miley Cyrus' ornately beaded Zuhair Murad gown sparkled in opulent layers of what looked like beaded iceberg lettuce, a style better suited for her more mature mom. Tilda Swinton looked divine yet unusually restrained in Lanvin, while master class Meryl Streep looked fresh in a grey flowy off the shoulder Alberta Ferretti dress.
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Academy Awards Brangelina Carpet

The genetically gifted couple known as Brangelina arrived on the red carpet looking dapper and glamorous. Angelina Jolie's black draped gown was, well, earth shatteringly original. Let me just say this before I lose a lot of cash at the water cooler: why on earth was Brad Pitt nominated for a gold statuette, when his makeup had more lines?.....
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It's the Academy Awards Red Carpet

RedPoppy is back from Fashion Week with barely a minute to spare for some much needed eye rest, when it's time to bring you the latest and greatest from the 81st Academy Awards Red Carpet spectacular. I've already spotted several gowns in bright shades of red, one origami inspired dress worn by Seal's other half Heidi Klum, and Mamma Mia stunner Amanda Seyfried in a Valentino-esque bowed gown. I'm not the biggest fan of red gowns, they often give me a headache. Glorious redhead Amy Adams, however, looked flawless in a red and black chiffon gown by Carolina Herrera, paired with a gem-heavy necklace of greens, blues, and red stones. Photos courtesy of

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Fashion Week: Isaac Mizrahi . Proenza Schouler . Zac Posen

It's friday, and definitely not thank goodness. Today is the last day of Fashion Week here in New York, and quite frankly I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with myself after a fabulous and fascinating week of designers, fabrics, and runways. So far we have been witness to many different designer collections, some luxurious, beautiful and wearable, and others drab, uninspired, and just plain odd. Here are three gorgeous and talented standouts from yesterday's shows.

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