Monday, February 9, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: New York Fall Collections Feb. 13-20

It's that exciting time of year again where fashion is seen and felt on every corner in New York city; where passersby watch longingly at the crowded entrance of Bryant Park's main tent; where models are spotted casually hailing cabs to whisk them off to the next show downtown...... RedPoppy is extremely excited to be in New York and part of Fashion Week, as I will be reprising my role as wardrobe assistant for several shows taking place in Bryant Part and other venues around the city. In plain speak, I will be dressing tall, lanky, gorgeous models in fabulous designer clothes!! Of course those backstage moments are strictly between me and the clothes, but make sure to check in everyday for your fabulous daily fashion fix of runway show news and redhead model sightings. Until then, be stylish and stay redhead.

RedPoppy xoxoxo

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