Sunday, February 15, 2009

NY Fall Fashion Week- Some First Looks

Fall Fashion week kicked off in New York on friday despite the grim economic headlines blaring from news stands all around the city. Designers focused their collections with minimal color palettes, short silhouettes, lighter fabrics, and basic pieces, with price tags sure to appeal to retailers with narrower budgets and eyes. There was little shortage of creativity (which is free) however, with designers featuring geometric and metallic prints, futuristic jackets, fluid jersey dresses, sequins and silk, leggings paired with short skirts, and flashes of blues, purples and golds sticking out from the predominantly dark and black collections. Two of my favourite collections were James Coviello and Jason Wu. Coviello featured a line up of gorgeous models in red lipstick and wool hats, wearing pretty flapper-esque dresses of ruffles and geometric patterns paired with little jackets of earthy-colored tweed, and leather heels. Jason Wu, of Michelle Obama inaugural ball gown fame and sought-after talent, featured a perfect navy wool short pleated skirt and cropped double breasted jacket covered in laser-cut organza pieces, along with wool and silk shift dresses and ethereal draped gowns in pale grey, champagne, and blues. Just gorgeous!
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