Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Awards Kate Winslet Carpet

Best Actress winner Kate Winslet has proven her second skin elegance when it comes to the numerous red carpets gowns she has donned during this busy awards season. Being nominated for more than one film in one season is enough to make anyone run into the capable hands of a stylist, and such is no different for Mrs."I think my bum is big" Winslet. Her recent red carpet looks have been sleek and safe, but booooring and repetitive in long straight-cut gowns in muted palettes of black, black, more black, and some blue. For the Academy Awards tonight Kate wore a grey and black Yves St. Laurent gown which perfectly fit the Winslet formula. I was unmoved, comatose, barely a flicker of my eyelash on a windy night. Plus it made her otherwise perfect bust look stuffed and puffy a la exercise bra syndrome. Did I mention her hair looks like a small helmet, and someone forgot to apply her lipstick....I say sack the stylist before the next movie........
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