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Project Runway Season 8 Finale!!!

It's finally here!!, the very last episode of Season 8 of Project Runway. But first things first, who on earth hired Jessica Simpson as one of the final judges on this most important fashion show of the whole season? I know, there's a recession going on...

Moving on, surprise! We've got an episode within an episode as Tim and Heidi introduce a Reunion special with the final three designers sitting, once again, next to the booted off contestants from Season 8. I'm happy to see everyone together again, however cringe- worthy video clips and a whole lot of tears and chit chat ensue, and all I'm thinking is when do we get to Fashion Week? when when when???
Back in the workroom the designers put the final touches on their collections, and I must point out one of Andy's looks, which is a cut out bikini bathing suit with twisted fabric pieces coming up out of the crotch. Tim thinks it looks like hair...aaaanyways, Next stop Fashion Week!
The designers arrive at Lincoln Center, and the backstage drama begins...Because I've just arrived off a long flight I'm still too wobbly to write about all that went on backstage, besides Mondo's hair coif looking sensational, so it's on to the Runway with Heidi, who by the way is wearing an all red pantsuit which irks me. She introduces the designers and the show begins with Gretchen's collection, and now I'm going to let my thoughts run free:
-The Charlie's Angels hair styling is gorgeous, and she's managed to step up her accessories styling as well with heels, hats, and sunglasses. Love the printed brown chiffon dress, but we see five more pieces coming down the runway looking pretty much the same, a bit repetitive. However I'll admit the collection is very wearable, and it's all very well edited for a clear customer in mind.
Next up is an emotional Andy, wearing those parachute pants he made for the Jackie Kennedy challenge:
-Those flower headpieces are distracting and look like antennae, but I love the rough chiffon wrap and bathing suit, very sexy. Loved the silver tone pleated top with shorts look. I don't like the pea green cigarette pants however I love his eleventh look for the last challenge, the green intricately pleated two piece dress. It felt underwhelming and way too conservative for Andy's warrior aesthetic we are used to seeing.

And last but not least is Mondo's inspired and joyful collection:
-Love the first look of the dotted blouse and shorts, but I really can't appreciate the silk screened skeleton print everyone apparently loves. My favorite look was the the plaid bubble dress, and the headpiece was a total show stopper. Sleek looking slim-fitting plaid pants and pink and silver tunic dress were some highlights. Overall the headpieces were incredible and the whole collection just felt whimsical and happy.

For me the clear winner is Mondo, simply because his collection was fun, ebullient, bright, and inspiring. Somehow I'm finding it difficult believing Heidi when she says she was 'blown' away by each collection. Really? Usually I'd dive right into discussing the judges' extensive thoughts on each designers' showing because it was quite the in depth debate, but I am regrettably still a wee bit tired (am I even typing straight?) so let's just hope you've already watched the fun bits. Basically we have a split decision between the judges. Heidi and Jessica are all for Mondo's polka dot sheath and upbeat collection, while Michael and Nina prefer the focused, effortless wearability, and clear vision of the customer Gretchen is designing for.
Drum roll please........and the winner is: Gretchen. Wow, just a few hours ago (actually most of the season) I never saw that one that coming, besides the fact that Tim once scolded her for being "manipulative and pushy." But since when does sell ability win out over wearability? I mean, how many times have we watched Michael, Nina, and Heidi choose ambitious high concept and creative collections over more sedate, sellable, and wearable ones? Darn that recession of ours, I have a wee feeling it's partly to blame.

Well Auf Wiederhosen everyone,  and I'll miss you most of all Tim!
Can't wait to bring you more drama from the next season of Project Runway....
xoxox for now,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Studded Rhinestone Flap Handbag

I've just come across this fabulous studded rhinestone flap handbag from Forever 21. It's medium size and it's a really chic floppy and flappy bag which comes with interchangeable chain and pleather straps. What's lovely about this unstructured bag is that it manages to look utterly effortless carried under one arm on a fashionable day or evening out...Buy at Forever 21

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Shopping & Goodies Wednesday

It's our weekly group of Fashion bloggers from around the web!

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Shopping and Info bought the black mittens that can pop off to fingerless gloves seen on Kristen Stewart of Twilight.
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TheFind loves to make a statement in the form of eclectic and personalized jewelry from Waxing Poetic, as featured in Lucky, Vogue and In Style. You too can create precious memories by entering for a chance to win a $250 Giftcard from Waxing Poetic.
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What's Haute Magazine loves these haute pink Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Wedges by Jeffrey New York.
Main image source: What's Haute Magazine

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Model Judith Bedard & A Redhead Renaissance

A friend of mine sent over a recent Guardian UK article about gap teeth and unconventional looks becoming the sought after 'face' of today's beauty. Well it's about blooming time!! While I'm not expecting Ford Models to send out their latest model cards with my freckled photogenic face on them,  this is fabulous news for redheads who are often relegated to backup singer status. In fact the best part of the article begins with this line: "Redheads are enjoying a renaissance in fashion..." So let's continue to spotlight redhead beauty with a menswear inspired editorial for SOMA Magazine starring Canadian model Judith Bedard.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Barbie & Me

This past weekend i giggled like an 8-year old as my sisters and I unearthed our old beloved childhood Barbie collections. I'm talking bedecked, bejeweled, 1980's styled Barbies wearing fabulous outfits such as a white and gold jumpsuit, brown knee-high boots paired with a printed yellow and turquoise dress, a fuschia gathered bathing suit and matching ruffled skirt, and one stunning all pink fur-lined ensemble featuring over 20 possible looks! As we rummaged through this enormous pile of Barbie-labeled clothes and tiny matching accessories, I smiled thinking about how each of our Barbie choices as children would so closely reflect our future grown up personalities. For example, as a freckled seven-year old I hated the uber popular Western Barbie's fringed sleeves and white cowboy hat, and instantly fell in love with Hispanic Barbie's twinkling brown eyes and gorgeous brunette beauty. I was also devoted to Angel Face Barbie and her vintage lace/tafetta dress with fabulous pink makeup case in tow. Fashion and makeup? We were destined! And remember when dressing up a pretty doll and combing her long shiny blonde plastic hair for three hours straight was a sweet simple pleasure?...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Egle Tvirbutaite for Vogue Latin America October 2010

As if it weren't enough that lovely model Egle Tvirbutaite is looking glorious in shiny borrowed red hair, I've also just discovered the existence of VOGUE Latin America!

Image source: fashiongonerogue

Friday, October 22, 2010

LANVIN Loves H&M Preview

Here is a preview of some fabulous first looks from the hotly anticipated Lanvin for H&M line which will premiere at select stores on November 23. Just how gorgeous are those dresses????

Project Runway Episode 13: Tim Makes House Calls!

I can't believe there is only one more episode left after this one! Dear fellow Project Runway watching faithfuls, Season 8 has flown by and in some ways it feels like only five minutes ago when we watched in agony as Cassssanova pulled out a very very expensive pair of pants from his innocent suitcase only to give it away to the person on his right...Anyways, it's always my favorite time of the Season when Tim makes house calls and catches up and dines with the very busy Final Four designers who are toiling away on their Spring 2011 final collections for Fashion Week. Wait up Tim, I'm coming with you!!!....
Knock Knock it's Tim! Our favorite mentor is off to Oahu, Hawaii where he finds an inspired Andy surrounded by earthy roots and a barely made collection of sourced metals and fabrics from Laos. With only 2 weeks left until Fashion Week, Tim is worried! Then it's off to Palm Springs as Tim sets his GPS towards Michael C's house on a blazing hot California day. Tim is delighted to find excellent progress in the form of two racks overflowing with feathers and eveningwear, and then fondly refers to this progress as "Design Diarrhea." Next up on the itinerary is Denver, Colorado where we visit Mondo Guerra and his 1980's inspired work space. In the midst of hugs and chuckles Mondo introduces a rack filled with checks and shapes, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this collection on the runway. And finally Tim treks to Portland, Oregon where we find Gretchen Jones vulnerable, broke, crumbled, and refreshingly honest. Her collection looks like a mash-up of Phoebe Philo meets the Aztec Empire, and Tim verbalizes my thoughts of turquoise and New Mexico...
Back in New York we're left with the three boys and Gretchen Jones, but there are only 3 spaces to be filled at Fashion Week and in order to choose which three will show at Lincoln Center each designer must present three looks from their collection to the judges, plus of course one extra look to be created over the next few days. Almost no surprise there! A few rattled nerves and a few days later it's Runway time and it's now or never for each designer to sell themselves. My thoughts on the runway show are best expressed as usual:
Andy- me likey all the exquisite pleats, except for that ridiculous flowy bikini look. Evening wear and bikinis? Michael C- reminds me of Jason Wu's feathered cocktail dresses from two seasons ago, and what on earth is that stringy thing of a brown dress? Gretchen- I like the casual romper dress and all the jewelry pieces, it's very Gretchen, but not very Fashion Week. Mondo- I want that printed chiffon blouse and taupe/black checkered skirt; the turquoise top is junior and cheesy...
The harsh and expectant judges had lots to say including such gems as "Crunchy Granola", "Circus act", and "Copper Tones." So who is NOT making it to Fashion Week? that would be Michael Costello. To be honest I never expected him make it this far even though he can actually design and sew, albeit mostly uninspired eveningwear. However at this moment I can barely look at Michael as he stands on the runway looking like a broken man, actually more like a crying child about to have a fit, with an ugly look of contempt on his distorted face, barely able to look the judges in the eye. His blubbering reaction worries me. I sound like Tim...
And make sure to catch next week's final RedPoppy recap of the season as a winner is crowned on Project Runway!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Menswear Fashions Fall 2010

Sharp, handsome, slim cut...I'm talking about the clothes of course!









Image source:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Irma in Dear Darkness

Fiery redhead model Irma (I've only just come across her work) is photographed by Catherine Conroy in this darkly rich editorial. Love the hair!!!

Image source: Fashion Gone Rogue