Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yes it's true! H&M is teaming up with luxury label LANVIN for a luxe Fall collaboration due to hit stores on November 20th. Can you imagine the massive dust cloud, in the wake of lonely and empty racks, after every single LANVIN item is snatched up?

LANVIN genius Alber Elbaz flanked by redheads VOGUE creative director Grace Coddington and model Karen Elson

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Catie Beatty said...

omg I'm going to hyperventilate. This is absolutely wonderful news... except for we probly won't get it in Seattle since no one takes us seriously.

this free bird said...

there is gonna be a hot mess of hair flying from left to right and up and down when this hits stores. i'll be the one in the helmet!!


RedPoppy said...

Catie, haaaaa absolutely true! Why oh why?

RedPoppy said...

Carrie, absolutely hilarious!! love it