Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: New York Spring/Summer 2009

In February of this year I fulfilled one of my life long dreams of being at New York's Fashion Week in Bryant Park. There I was, volunteering with FIT at the Michael Kors show, helping set up the runway and seating, eyeing the gleaming name tags on each seat: Anna Wintour, Andre Leon-Talley, Raquel Welch, Debra Messing..........etc......As the room started filling up with the live flesh of fashion royalty, style icons, socialites and celebrities, I couldn't help but stare at their fabulousness, from Ms. Wintour's perfectly crossed legs and blackout shades, to Donald Trump's overbearing stature, and socialite Tinsley Mortimer's petite (if by petite I mean super tiny) and perfect silhouette. Not only was I stylestruck, but as the fashion show began I became modelstruck, as I watched those angular specimens bob up and down the runway. Um, believe it or not, those models we've seen in loads of magazines and glossies are, in fact, thinner in real life!!!! Blimey!
So my friends, we have arrived just in time for New York Fashion Week's Spring/Summer '09 shows at Bryant park which take place Sept. 5-Sept. 12. I will be revisiting my dream once again, but this time I'll be working backstage, dressing the models for several runway shows, including Isaac Mizrahi and Custo Barcelona (spanish fabulousness) It's a most coveted job and one which will surely open my eyes even wider than before!

Until then, be stylish and stay redhead.