Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Awards Red Carpet Review

The whiny and pint sized Jonas Brothers singing with the great Stevie Wonder, on piano. Such an out of body experience can only happen at the Grammy Awards. Typically the red carpet at the Oscars of music is a mixed bag with many veteran and newcomer musicians trying their hardest to look elegant, while choosing over the top or underdressed styles for their stage performances. Basically it makes for funkier fashions, but this year it was more about safe and tame. First up looking elegant in a black satin party dress was talented British songstress, and redhead, Adele. Welsh singer Duffy looked elegantly blah in a knee-length Alberta Ferretti black velvet dress (which coincidentally I wore to my last business lunch), and an emotional Jennifer Hudson sung her heart out in a cocktail length black/white/silver origami ensemble which, though she looked head to toe gorgeous, slightly resembled a dress with a napkin still attached from lunch. Sarah Bareilles, Love Song singer, looked super pretty in a pink ruffled Louisa Beccaria dress and red satin shoes, a girl after my own heart. American Idol alum Jordin Sparks looked pretty in a flowy black strapless dress which was printed all over with grey/white squiggly shapes. Not loving squiggles on dresses. Meanwhile Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, both impossibly young and cute, wore long black gowns which, and I know I'm going to sound like the mothers they need, looked better suited on Angelina Jolie. Miley, you're 16, not 46! Moving on, Carrie Underwood looked sparkly-blah in a gold beaded Zuhair Murad dress which screamed mature country glamour. Katy Perry, who wore sequined fruit on stage and cannot sing, looked very pink in a Basil Soda gown, which yes sounds more fizz than glam. Especially her 1980's pink lipstick. They called. They want it back. Looking chav (Brit speak for trashy) was Paris Hilton in a cut-out sequin mini dress looking, well, uninvited. In the disturbing outfit category quirky actress/singer Zooey Deschanel wore what looked like a home-sewn lavender dress with inexplicably matching sheer lavender nylons; and the most disturbing look of the night belonged to rapper MIA, in full 9-months pregnant glory, wearing a Henry Holland sheer bodysuit with black and white strategically placed polka-dotted circles. That outfit would make anyone go into early labor.........
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