Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project Runway Episode 4: A Bunch of Mad Hatters (Hats Off To You)

How excited am I??? But first, I almost didn't write my weekly PR episode recap because it's been one of those no good horrible very crazy weeks. And then I couldn't bear disappointing you who are actually reading so I decided the least I can do is write an abridged version of my usual review (aka keeping it very short). And besides, who else could possibly be more excited about this week's episode than little old milliner meeeee!!????
Episode 4 very excitingly brings the divinely renowned milliner/hat designer Philip Treacy to guest judge the designers' next challenge: Create a look inspired by a Philip Treacy hat. Inspiring indeed! You see, Mr. Treacy is a hat king among hat kings, a delectably talented milliner, a true artist and avant-garde visionary whose designs are covetably looked up to by designers such as myself. To create a garment fit to be worn with a Philip Treacy creation is, as Michael Costello aptly puts it, the Holy Grail. So now that I'm finished dripping with the compliments, here are my short but sweet thoughts on a workroom full of mad hatters...

First off, I'm thinking Tim Gunn and Philip Treacy would make a fab couple. Next, I'm in awe of the fantastic headpieces each model is wearing, except for maybe the large orchid hat which looks like a huge Georgie O'Keefe phallic symbol. Back in the workroom Casanova is still delusional until Tim stops by and slaps him out of it by inquiring: "Haven't we all seen this dress 100 times before? To me it says Donna Karan 1988." Oh how I love Tim so.
It's Runway time and Heidi looks like she's got a huge thorn growing out of her forehead.
Thoughts on first looks: -Absolutely love Michael D's pleated cardboard-like architectural look, it goes beautifully with his 'Madonna Rides Again' sinamay couture hat
-Christopher's vintage rose coat dress was lovely as a whole but maybe too much for his angular hat. And the satin leggings have got to go
-Gretchen's outfit was pretty hideous this week!
-April's booty shorts look like space age diapers. Michael Kors thinks they're triple panties
-Good thing Andy South has immunity
-Ivy does need to get over herself, it's beautiful but very underwhelming
-Peach, your chosen feathered creation is spectacular. That ladies who are sick of lunching dress you made is so not worthy!!!!
-Mondo's busy polka dot trousers gave me a migraine, and what's with the mustache
-Valerie's red dress and white shrug didn't stylishly do it for me. Underwhelming!
-Michael C has surprised with a very pretty shimmery handkerchief dress which compliments his 'Shocking Pink Roswell Hat' so well, but quite frankly this is a dress I've seen 100 times already...
-Kristin's black and pink satin dress was a cheap mess. Come on, your hat was a large phallic symbol! Where's the sexy time inspiration you spoke of earlier?

And now for the winner of this challenge: Michael Costello! His dress shone, but I'm just as shocked as you are because I'm simply not a fan of his taste level in general.
...and Kristin is OUT! Thankfully I wasn't disappointed with the judges' choice because Kristin's craft-project satin dress was a cheap ugly mess.
For now it's Auf Liederhosen until next week...

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