Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VITTORIUM Switzerland

As Summer fashions come and go, it's time to start thinking about what our wardrobes have lined up for Fall. I'm thinking chic chunky knits and delicious layers of clothing, all paired nicely with a few fabulous fashion accessories. One of my favorite Fall/Winter accessories? a scarf. I love the look of beautiful silk in dazzling prints of color, effortlessly (ok so I work at it for a while to get it just right!) knotted around my neck. Lucky for me I've recently discovered a just launched brand new line of limited edition printed silk twill scarves by European watchmaking brand VITTORIUM. Each scarf is hand-made in 100% natural silk and measures a very generous 36"x 36" so you can wear it a dozen different ways. But mostly what dazzles me are the electric color combinations such as deep brown and fuschia, orange, turquoise, red...Whichever shall I wear first??
Available through VITTORIUM.com


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased one of these VITTORIUM scarfs and i LOVE IT !!!!! Since the day I bought it all my outfits revolve around the scarf. All i want to do is wear it!
By the way it makes a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I am super happy with my scarf... Thank youu :)

Valentina K

RedPoppy said...

Aw I'm so happy to hear Valentina and thank you so much for leaving me your message! I have the multi colored one and I can't stop looking at it!
RP xo