Sunday, August 29, 2010

EMMY Awards 2010 Red Carpet Review & Limerick

I can't believe it's already Emmy Awards time. That means summer is over, the school year begins anew, the days are shorter, and I have to generously invest 3 hours of my time to watching dressed up celebrities walk the red carpet spouting their views on everything but the kitchen sink. That's because they rarely see the inside of their kitchens, never mind the sink. Alright who am I kidding? I'm not watching against my will, I'm just as eager as you are to see the annual parade of dresses, both good and ghastly. And for some reason this year I feel like reviewing my favorite and least favorite red carpet looks in limerick, inspired by The Richard Armitage Fan Blog. So here goes:

A whittled waist has Lea Michele from Glee
Perfectly ruffled in Oscar de la Renta is she
Though her hairstyle she did not

and neither did January Jones thanks to that hair flop
But wow did she in big blue asymetrical Versace.

Mad Men's Christina is redhead and buxom
in feathery light Zac Posen Custom

Looking Palm Beach too blonde
is Armani clad Claire Danes all fake bronzed

and Nurse Hathaway's hair mop is irksome.

Auf Wiedersehen to Heidi's too-small Marchesa

Love Suki's McQueen gladiator top but the bottom's a mess-a

Crepe paper curtains hang for Kyra

and a cheap net version for redhead Jayma

but repeat offender in dated mermaid is Eva Longoria.

Not loving Liz Lemon's choice of gown
Though it's better than her other ones hands down

I love watching Modern Family
But Gloria's trout pout and dress is cheesy

And what the hell is Kim Kardashian doing in town??

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Moo G Clips said...

haha, that was great!

Keith said...

I really love what Christina Hendricks was wearing. Have a great week.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comments! glad you loved it as much as I did :)

this free bird said...

I am so over Kim Kardashian. Despite that show they have I just don't get what she's even there for!! It's not "real" acting. oy


RedPoppy said...

Carrie, my Kardashian sentiments exactly! I saw Kim in person and she sneered by me- translation:"I don't have time for you, you lowly citizen"...