Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week in Eco Chic

Another installment of the hottest blog posts of the week covering everything fashionably green, eco, and cruelty-free in fashion and beauty in one place...brought to you by an exclusive group of fashion and beauty blogs...

Factio Magazine recently caught up with the Marketing Director of BillionDollarBabes to talk about her cool job, her own style and her favorite eco-friendly designer!
-Fashion Pulse Daily is in complete awe of the natural ingredient rich, paraben-free Korres Suncare Watermelon Face Stick.
-Looking Sharp! fell in love with PRETTY BIRDIE on Etsy
-Posh Swaps shows us how to swap and sell your old designer clothes a great way to be frugal, eco friendly and stylish
-Quinta Trends talks to Paola Silvestre about their amazing wicker lamps and furniture
-RedPoppy Fashion is super liking designer Jerome Dreyfuss' chic and slouchy bags and their eco- awareness as well...
-Runway To Retail finds out about Sarah Jessica Parker's eco-friendly hair and skin secret! It's revealed here!

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