Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway Episode 2: Pregnancy Chic

It's a 'Pregnancy Look' challenge for the designers this week as Heidi Klum introduces fellow Sports Illustrated pregnant-with-twins model Rebecca Romijn as the celebrity muse. The designers took many 'deep breaths' as they sketched their first maternity looks and apprehensively draped fabric over the alien pregnant dress forms. Ra'mon-Lawrence spent the next two days feeling nervous, anxious, and concerned (rightly so) about his maroon and grey patchwork bowling ball-bag dress looking anything but safe. As Tim advised, "Don't be safe without being cookoo..." Whatever that means Tim. But I still love you!

Mitchell once again spends his time regretfully, creating a shapeless waist-banded pair of very short shorts which the judges later simply branded a "pregnancy mess." Louise Black ( whom I keep confusing for Louise Brooks) designed a very fetching and flirty lingerie-inspired red dress which I think Mrs. Romijn would actually wear out. Malvin, meanwhile, clucking way too philosophical for fashion, designed a "fertile" concept of eggs, cocoon, mother hens, nests, feathers, and chicken thighs... Nina, stifling a snicker, deemed it a baby sling, but as Tim earlier encouraged: "I'm not bored!" When it came down to the final two contestants I was secretly hoping it would be Mitchell 'I'm finally ready to rekindle my dream'' Hall's time to be aufed thanks to too many excuses and sloppy drama, but in the end it was Malvin's musings that got him hatched off the runway. His take on the situation? "I'm just too conceptual for America." Yes Malvin, you definitely are.
Shirin Askari was the clear winner this week as her beautifully constructed and uber wearable burgundy dress and coat ensemble wowed the testosterone-free judges. Wait, something's not sitting right. Where was Michael Kors???

Malvin and his egg

Mitchell and his shorts

"Designers, you have 5 seconds left..."

The Winning Design

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Lren77 said...

This episode was really entertaining! The hen theme was unreal and I can't believe bowling bag was safe! I'm just glad they chose a really great design as winner.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment! I also couldn't believe Ra'mon is still there. That dress was pretty hideous!!!

Lauren said...

Can't wait to see this once it gets on the TV here!

x x x