Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway Episode 1: Red Carpet Look (Part II)

It was then off to the FIDM workroom, and I must say I really miss Parsons, where you can usually feel Manhattans' sweaty garment district pulsing outside and through the tv. After the usual 17 seconds allotted for sketching, the potpourri of design talent were off designing. It didn't take very long to spot the first person who'd be "out" on the very first challenge, and that honor went to wacky with an awesome haircut Ari Fish, whose satin patchwork-quilted hooded mini dress made Tim a little concerned that "it's going to look like a halter diaper." Pretty much my favorite Tim quote ever.

Ari Fish focusing

Carrying on, I was hoping to see some kind of innovative fashion being made, but instead it felt like a bad episode of Dr. Drew as Johnny Sakalis cried to Tim for what seemed like the entire 12 hours it took to make his horror of a red satin sequined trimmed batwing dress. When the designers returned to the work room the next morning to put the finishing touches on their creations, overly-confident too soon Mitchell Hall made us think he was sending his model down the runway wearing nothing but a smocked georgette collar thanks to some model measurement disparities, but as it better turns out he sent her down instead in an unwearable, shapeless see-through caftan, with a smocked georgette collar.

At the runway show, Nina Garcia did her usual condescending half-circle wave to the nervous contestants, while favorite judge Michael Kors was back in fine catty form. Much to my surprise and disgust, the guest judge turned out to be none other than train wreck, too skinny for my skinny jeans, unoriginal judging facial expressions, and washed up actress Lindsay Lohan. The judges apparently were smoking whatever Lindsay brought in, 'cos they loved that red satin batwing dress which could only be worn on the red carpet for the premiere of "Cheap and Trashy Housewives of Bucks County." Then they crowned Minnesota boy Christopher Straub's "young and edgy" dress the winner. Personally I thought he created a prom-worthy homage to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds....Until next week, Auf weederzein....

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CharlotteSparkles said...

Loved your witty commentary RedPoppy!

It seemed that the show only brought Lindsay Lohan as guest judge to see if she would spark any interest in the Samantha Ronson lookalike designer!

RedPoppy said...

That is a brilliant assessment! I was thinking the same thing...Thanks!