Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Star Studded

Colorful fashion revivals from the 1980's have been showing up all over the Fall '09 runways and inside seemingly innocent shops; neons and shoulder pads included. As a matter of fact I just popped into New York city's Topshop and I almost lost my skirt running as fast as I could to the nearest exit after spotting some major 80's fashion horrors (aka your grandmother's square shaped Trophy jacket splashed entirely with sequins and Bodycon sausage skirts in garish flower prints) hanging on racks with actual price tags attached. One trend, however, which I'm absolutely loving is the studded look. From handbags (like this Rebecca Minkoff Studded bag from shoes, belts and even clothes, studs give a bit of a rocker edge to your nearest and dearest. As for that Harlequin Sequin Batwing blouse you're about to purchase, I'm pretty sure it's illegal in at least 13 states....

French Connection

Rebecca Minkoff

Diane von Furstenberg


Hats by Tanya

Guiseppe Zanotti


Novella Royale

Oscar de la Renta

Steve Madden


Trish said...

love it all. Super funny about the topshop top!

RedPoppy said...

Thanks :))))))))

Moo G Clips said...

that's awesome your hat goes there too!