Sunday, August 9, 2009

Best of Molly Ringwald

Nothing says 1980's teen angst movies like redhead actress Molly Ringwald. As Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles, who can forget the iconic pouter in the pink layered tops and pink princess bridesmaid gown, being awkwardly drooled over by the prepubescent high school geek while she's impossibly in love with gorgeous Jake Ryan, and on top of that her family forgets her 16th birthday. In The Breakfast Club Ringwald plays snobbish Claire in a pink v-neck shirt with rolled-up sleeves and diamond stud earrings, who suffers through a long day of detention with 4 fellow high school misfits and finds out she is way more talented and rebellious than she realizes.

And finally in Pretty in Pink Ringwald plays Andie Walsh, the creative girl from the poor side of the tracks who's worshipped by her best (and annoying with the little 80's fedora hats) friend Duckie while she's in love with rich boy Blane, and who later transforms a seemingly innocent pink polka-dotted 80's prom dress from overdone hell into a horrible home-ec project of cut-out sleeves and poufy straight bodice while the heart-wrenching tune 'If you leave' by OMD plays incessantly in the background.... The brilliance behind these awkwardly accurate high school portrayals was writer John Hughes (who passed away last week), and besides honoring his incomparable influence on teen movies in the 1980's, I want to acknowledge that he always put redhead Molly Ringwald in pink, and that is one clever achievement.

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Lorraine said...

Oh that horrible dress! It always makes me sad to think of how she destroyed that kicky 60s dress . Seriously! Not only was her style and design talent part of her character (so what happens to it when she really needs it) but given the influence of Cyndi Lauper in the day, she could have rocked that dress.

Other than that, Molly Ringwald always was pretty in pink!

RedPoppy said...

I couldn't agree with you more!