Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week in Eco Chic Thursday

It's thursday again, and we're bringing you some of the hottest blog posts of the week covering everything fashionably green, and cruelty-free in fashion and beauty in one place...brought to you by an exclusive group of fashion and beauty blogs...

-The Fashionable Housewife asks Do You Recycle Clothes?
-Fashion Pulse Daily is thinking beauty in the round with Lauren Hutton's Naturals Face Disc
-My Beauty Bunny shows you how to tighten those arms!
-Posh Swaps discusses how you need never be out of fashion in second hand clothes in her post second hand clothes - what goes around comes around
-Quinta Trends reads the Lingerie Trends Mini Report UK and its eco recommendation.
-Vintage rhinestone brooches are all the rage, and Red Poppy Fashion has found some gorgeous sparklers thanks to

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