Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway Episode 1: Red Carpet Look (Part I)

My dear readers out there, what did you think of Project Runway??? Well I'll tell you what I think, but warning, there are spoilers so if you still don't know which unsightly dress won the first challenge, then I urge you to stop reading and run to your DVR.
Last night at 10pm E/P was the long-anticipated Season 6 Premiere of 'Project Runway' on its new home channel Lifetime. A blonder than usual Heidi and my favorite mentor Tim Gunn (whom by the way I have now seen in person over 5 times walking around NYC and I swear next time I WILL muster up all my Red Poppy courage and say hello..but that's neither here nor there for now).... welcomed the next batch of design hopefuls with champagne and caviar dreams. Or that is to say Los Angeles. Hated it. As the contestants stood on the real Emmy Awards red carpet being inspired for their first "Red Carpet Look" challenge I felt uninspired and bored, half expecting Ryan Seacrest to show up. Yawn. Next stop MOOD fabrics. I get anxiety every season watching them choose large bolts of sometimes ugly fabric in just 30 minutes. Tim, I would probably need a good hour and 20 for that.!!... Part II next....

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