Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runway Episode 6: Cinematical Genre

It's off to Sound Stage 6 for the next challenge....Create a look inspired by-you guessed it-a movie genre. We're talking Film Noir, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure , Period piece, and Westerns....After each designer chose their desired cinematic expertise (unfortunately Epperson chose last and got stuck with Western), it was off to sketching ideas like Trekkie, sexy assasin, saloon girl, femme fatale, human alien hybrid.....hmm should be very exciting..

Workroom romance perhaps??

Weird, but all of a sudden everyone's sewing bobbin, plus Louise's scissors, go missing. Could there be a sewing room thief ?? Well that's neither here nor there. Tim comes back to the workroom for critique time and I must say most of the creations in development are looking really good. Epperson's western-themed ruffle dress is looking very "Annie Get Your Gun" according to Tim, and I love the brown leather handbag pouch (no doubt from Macy's accessory wall). Ra'mon's Sci-Fi look is a bit Godzilla/Reptilian man/Kermit gone wrong and according to Tim it's either going to be sublime or a big hot mess. It's almost 12am, and as Nicolas runs like a girl around the workroom, so is everyone else as the stakes get higher and so do tensions (and I don't mean the bobbin's). I can't wait for the Runway to see all the completed looks.

Carol Hannah




Need I mention again where the $%#$! are Michael and Nina???? (Ok, ok, so Heidi had them kidnapped so she can get more screen time).. As the models stomp down the runway I am blown away by Epperson's denim-ruffled heroine worn by gorgeous Israeli model Matar. Nicolas' white and silver ice queen is a dreamy Sci-Fi fantasy with icing sugar for hair, and Shirin's black and red saloon girl with coiffed feathers was a perfect, albeit predictable, western vision. And I absolutely loved Carol Hannah's black patent assassin with killer walk in tow .



Nicolas' Winning look

The judges, which included incredible lookalikes of the Snapple Lady and Leona Lewis, loved Nicolas' winter Narnia confection and ambitious matching story line, and deemed him the winner. If only Nicolas would just get into the habit of washing his stringy hair. By the way I will cry if he is Auf'ed at any point, as he frankly provides me with a weekly 40 mins. (minus commercials) of hilarious comic relief. Now, as for Ra'mon's green Swamp Thing mess, his model definitely looked like Godzilla but it was loads more imaginative than Louise's boring decade within a decade dress, and I don't even care how many lace panels she meticulously sewed together (darn she's a good sewer though). The minute Heidi said "Ra'mon, you are OUT" an otherwordly yelp slipped out of my mouth as I sat there in complete shock. Noooo!!!! Ra'mon, you have loads of talent and massive potential. Why did you have to go all frog from another planet on us?? Ugh, I'm going to sleep....Auf Wiedehrsein.....

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