Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bryant Park Around Town

Fashion Week in NY, besides being giddily exciting, is also an opportunity to see what fashions people are wearing at the shows. So far the tents at Bryant Park have been filled with a gaggle of chunky high heels (mostly black), mini skirts, some awful homages to 1985, and lots of black tights (my beloved fall/winter essential, welcome back!). Sitting in the lovely Bryant Park, surrounded by trees and photographers, I've spotted fellow British blogger Susie Bubble aka StyleBubble looking all fashioned up, a constant flow of hard-working models, some front-row celebrities (Mariska Hargitay, Mena Suvari, Tiffani Thiessen, Kelly Rutherford), and a group of Russian women clad in trench coats and moustaches. I know. Don't ask.
Stay tuned for more Fashion Week photos....
xoxo Red Poppy

Susie Bubble

Red Poppying


Everyday Life of an Up and Coming Fashionista said...

Nice shots. Gotta luv Fashion week.

Yanni D.

RedPoppy said...

Totally! and thanks for all your comments Yanni , hope you're having a great week xoxo

Moo G Clips said...

awesome pics, RedPoppy! you look fab and looks like you're having a fab time!

Trish said...

Great pics!

RedPoppy said...

Thanks everybody!!