Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runway Episode 5 Recap (Better Late Than Never)

Fashion is News! The designers have to create an outfit using newspaper from the L.A. Times, and I can't believe some of the designers were actually clueless and shocked at the challenge. Haven't they watched old episodes of PR for goodness sakes?? Newspaper's the best because it's all about glue, staplers, and tape...oh wait, the designers are actually sewing?? Back in the workroom, Johnny's dress so far looks like, in the words of Nicolas, wrinkled up paper with pig's blood all over it. In Tim's words, it's a craft project gone awry, attacked by birds. Hmmm, not too promising. Is Johnny finally getting Auff'ed? We can only hope...


Carol Hannah

Watching the paper dresses sashaying down the runway, the designers (all except for Johnny) haven't shown this much inspiration and creativity since, well, two seasons ago! Gordana's creation is so perfectly constructed it doesn't even look like paper, and unfortunately the judges therefore deemed it boring and too wearable. Irina, obnoxious commentator of the group, makes an incredible looking trench coat complete with 'fur' collar and cuffs. I'm completely wowed by it. Carol Hannah's dress is a stunning red show stopper which I think should have been in the top three, and Althea's dress is an architectural marvel which is adored by all the judges. Christopher's feather-skirted gown was a definite showstopper, although I'm not a fan of the 'shell-hard' bodice, while Logan's cocktail dress was gorgeous in hand-painted blues and should also have been a contender for the top three spot.




Now, I will say this very calmly (despite me feeling quite the opposite) but it seems once again Michael Kors and Nina are both AWOL. And hold it together...Either: A) It's a Lifetime Channel gag. Not very funny. B) Paycuts happened after episode 1 C) Heidi had both of them kidnapped so she could get more screen time D) It's always good to have a B-list actress with tacky taste on the judging panel... Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Eva Longoria's style or stylist, and Tommy Hilfiger, it turns out, has nothing really useful to say. And now back to the Runway....

Not surprisingly Irina won this challenge and wowed everyone with her spectacular trench coat. Thankfully, Johnny Sakalis is 'Out', but not without having ruffled all of Tim's feathers. I have never seen this saintly man of fashion lose his cool, but this time Tim was holding fuming-tight to his suit cuff after he ordered Johnny to clean out his workspace and skipped out on the traditional farewell hug. Tim was rightfully outraged and shocked after hearing Johnny blatantly lie that his original ugly dress disaster was scrapped because of a sputtering steamer. As they say in fashion 'One day you are in, and the next day you are a lyer'......Auf Wiehdersein!

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