Monday, September 21, 2009

Project Runway Episode 4 Recap (Better Late Than Never)

13 Women who know what they want. Are they prom goers? Ungrateful sweet sixteeners? Nope, it's the Models of the Runway! Honestly, I am so bored. Each designer must make his/her model stand out and be noticed at an industry event, which doesn't sound that difficult keeping in mind some of the very tacky tastes floating around this season. Once the designers "caucus" (seriously Tim can we just scrap that Lewis Carroll-ism already?) for 30 minutes with their model clientelle's long wish lists, it is off to the workroom to make sense of the royal blue and gold satin jumpsuit and garish red dress requests. That is why the models are models and not designers....

Back in the workroom the whirring sounds of sewing machines seem to make the designers wax philosophical about being voted off. Just let it be Qristyl or Epperson I'm busy thinking. Meanwhile Althea's design looks chic and promising, even though she's designing a 'Cigarette' jacket when she really means a 'Smoking' jacket. By the way, great fashion quip! I must say I'm somewhat liking Epperson's brown velvet latticed dress, and that has nothing to do with his emotional breakdown when he calls home, nor the framed family photos he keeps strewn across his work area. Logan's black lace meets 1950's smurf blue prom confection lands him in the bottom two even though he tries to work it in a pair of tight silver pants, and Nicolas' simple tailored sheath is looking perfect on his model. One last nod to Louise Black's ruffled and intricately made little black dress and we are off to the Runway.

Oh great. Not only is Michael Kors absent again, but so is Nina... What the %&#$!! Thankfully though this week's judges have smart opinions, as they proved to us by cutting short Qrystil's tacky runway reign, and crowned Althea, whose three piece suit looked chic, sharp, and edgy, the deserving winner.
One final thought: If I had to give one piece of advice in life, it would definitely be to please use the Macy's accessories wall thoughtfully!

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