Friday, September 4, 2009

Project Runway Episode 3: Surf Inspired

Bitchin' times! It's a California surfwear challenge this week as designers take a field trip to the beach where they find Tim Gunn waiting for them in sunglasses and flip flops (I hope he brought sunscreen as well). As Tim reassures them: "only at the beach!" The contestants must design a fun and functional beach inspired look, as well as a perfect 'just off the beach' hairstyle for their models (which, by the way, the judges oddly ignore later on). As Tim announces the dreaded it's a team challenge, groans and cries ensue. 20 mins. to caucus and the designers are off taking notes on the clothing preferences of local surfer chics. I really love Nicolas by the way as he shakes his mop of hair around and exclaims:" what they hell are those surfer girls talking about anyway??"

Nicolas & Gordana

$50 and 15 mins. later the design teams are back from Mood and in the FIDM workroom muttering words like hippie, beachy chic, mer-people... Nicolas is thinking wrap around pants and ombre bathing suits, and asks "can you say ombre of macrame a million times?!" Actually no. On the other side of the room team Mitchell and Ra'mon are heading towards major DRAMA! And to add more drama Tim shock-announces that each team must create a second avant-garde look to compliment the first one. As Ra'mon puts it - "capital WTF!!!"
Meanwhile the marriage of team Qristyl and Epperson heads for divorce as Epperson's irritating micromanagement frustrates his team leader Qristyl who is this-close to snapping. While happy teams like Christopher and Logan are harmonious personified and confident they'll win the challenge, Ra'mon tries to keep an aimless Mitchell focused on ironing bathing suit bits (and looking at the ceiling).

Qristyl & Epperson

Mitchell looks bored

Irina & Johnny

Logan from Seattle


Hello Macy's Accessory Wall, it's Runway time! Guest judges Max Azria and Rachel Bilson ooh'd and aah'd over Johnny and Irina's super cute slouchy top and draped skirt with macrame back detail, as well as Ra'mon's avant-garde neoprene dress with hand-dyed splotch in front (no thanks to Mitchell, by the way, who did jack diddly squat in the sewing room). Nicolas and Gordana's second look was a nightclub appropriate blue lace tranny mess which got them into the bottom-two spot, and by the looks of Christopher and Logan's enormous space-age prom dress, they bought out all the tulle at Mood. The most cringe-worthy moment of the show, however, came when Epperson and Qristyl (whose blue shiny dress should've been aufed) bickered in front of the uncomfortable judges. Someone please shut Epperson up! As judge Max Azria wisely advised-"You can't be a designer if you are not a team player." Well put. A few anxious moments later a very surprised Ra'mon was declared the winner, and then it happened. Heidi calls 3 strikes and Mitchell is OUT! About time, since ain't no design, sewing, or creating going on in whiny Mitchell's world. By the way I LOVED Heidi's striped knit mini dress with beading detail. Who makes it?? And one more thing that's not sitting right: Where the hell is Michael Kors????

Ra'mon-Lawrence's Winning Design

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Trish said...

I loved the winning dress and Irina and Johnny's beach look! Tres beach chic!

Lorraine said...

I hated the winning dress and was terribly confused by the challenge as the show went on. But seeing Mitchell auf'ed made me very happy. No skillz. One wonders how he managed to get on the show in the first place. I'm guessing someone carried him.

Lucy said...

Very cool blog. I lol'd at the pic of Nicolas and Gordana in near-identical sketch pose.
I did like Ramon's winning dress (it seemed surf casual) but don't get how avant-garde it is. I've seen a lot of beach towels in my life that closely resembled it. I was more impressed by his seaweed story. Real source of inspiration: last minute panic that he'd be swept under the tide of Mitchell's failuredom.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment Lucy! And I do love your take on Ra'mon's inspiration...accurate indeed

Tina said...

I agree with Lorraine about the winning dress and about the challenge. I still don't know -- as Red Poppy mentioned -- WTF hair had to do with any of this. (Is Garnier such a third-tier sponsor that they were only allowed to send in a rep for the beach challenge?! How do you combine beach wear and hair spray exactly?!) As to the question about how Mitchell got on the show: my assumption is that every season the casting people try to create a mix of real talent, reality-TV "personalities", and cannon fodder. Mitchell obviously belonged in the latter category. What infuriated me was not necessarily that he made it on the show (with his very, very limited talent), but that he stuck around so long.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment Tina! Mitchell=Cannon Fodder. Nice!