Thursday, January 22, 2009

All that Glitters

As a redhead child with tightly woven braids and a highly active imagination, yours truly didn't work hard to get noticed. It's the legacy of growing up redhead; strangers approach freely and pet your hair, or squeeze your cheeks until your freckles fall off. I'll never forget, however, the day I really sparkled when I wore my first Deelybopper headband, a strange and wonderful 80's fad with 2 spiral antennas topped with red glitter hearts which bopped and bounced as I walked. I realized then how sparkly things could make the world a better place. Today I get that same blissful feeling when I wear shimmery makeup. Urban Decay glitter eyeshadows in Midnight Cowboy and Goddess, Nars Blush in Super O, and Clinique Glosswear for Lips Intense Sparkle in Moonberry will make your world sparkle, even without the help of a deelybopper.
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Moo G said...

love this post :)

Anonymous said...

Love your writing and your spirit!
Sparkles do indeed make the world shine brighter!

RedPoppy said...

Thank you all!

technology said...
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