Thursday, January 1, 2009

Redhead Color Myths and Trix cereal

The following is a list tirelessly lectured to redheads over the past century:
1. Redheads cannot wear pink
2. Redheads cannot wear red
3. Redheads must stick to an earthen makeup palette
4. Redheads look best in browns and coppers
5. Redheads cannot wear black
6. Redheads are too bold to wear prints.....

Being a redhead doesn't mean you should look like a tree, or like you've been dipped in chocolate from head to toe. I'm here to tell you once and for all that these are only myths and are rules meant to be broken!! I've therefore compiled a new and revised list intended to give readheads, from strawberry blondes to deep auburn, a fresh outlook on all the colors you can and should wear. Think Trix cereal- those fruity corn puffs in magical colors of citrus yellow, lime green, orange, aqua blue, berry pink, and purple. Introduce these hues into your wardrobe and makeup bag, and I guarantee it will bring out your redhead glow better than a pink sunburn on an overcast day:

1. Redheads can and must wear pink! Just remember, strawberry reds are better suited to pale pinks and salmon tones, whereas auburn reds can also get away with fuschias and deeper berry pinks.
2. Brown shades will always look good on redheads, but black and navy look absolutely striking against red hair.
3. A redhead can pull off a true red dress or sweater, or skirt, or even gorgeous scarlett lips.
4. Flattering eye shadow colors for redheads include blues, bronze, greys, olive and jade, peachy golds, and lilac.
5. Certain colors are perfect for redhead contrast and vibrancy: camel, emerald/olive/kelly/mint greens (who can forget a stunning Julianne Moore in emerald green YSL at the '03 Oscars), purples, pale blue, wines, ivory, yellow, and even white.
6. Go ahead, wear stripes, polka dots, and plaids. So you look a bit bolder than you do already!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! looove your article!!
I'm also so sick of reading those stuff saying redheads can only wear brown and such autumn tons and look best in green.
I love all kinds of blues : navy to turquoise. I think it really looks awesome with my hair and my friends think so too! I just stay away from pale blue (does not look so good on me : my hair are too dark. But it looks really good with blond/strawberry hair)
I also like purples, fuschias and lilac.
Greys can work too ( especially like grey) and I'm not afraid to wear red and black (I love black)! White can work perfectly as well.
Redheads, don't be afraid of colors anymore!! :)

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment, love your redhead spirit!!!

Anonymous said...

Redheads are full of color-just as you are!

konstantine said...

you're so right!
last year, i bought a red jacket. i was in love with it! when i showed my grandmother, she was aghast. a red head... wearing a red coat? when she was younger (and still had her red hair...) that was unthinkable!