Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and a nod to some of my favourite redheads of 2008

Another year, another freckle. At least that's true for most genuine redheads. Faux sirens beware, your bottled tresses and tanned complexions don't fool anyone, nor does platinum blonde Nicole Kidman who is no longer a redhead club card member. However, there are so many converted redheads popping up all over the place that I can't help but feel flattered and even somewhat welcoming. Our world numbers are dwindling, and we can use all the red company we can get. Coco Rocha, model of the moment (and one of my faves) just recently went back to red in Vogue's Dec. issue. Model Karen Elson deepens
her hue with every new magazine cover and looks fab. Superbly enchanted and originally blonde Amy Adams became a screen hit when she went red, and my favorite natural redhead model is Brazilian stunner Cintia Dicker who continues to dazzle the fashion world.


Dean said...

Cintia Dicker ... gorgeous

Anonymous said...

And how can we forget the beautiful Julianne Moore?

Anonymous said...
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