Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

It was truly a fairytale wedding, and if you could only see me now: a messy nest of red hair, bleary eyed and delirious as I drag my sleepy self back to bed because I had some crazy idea to stay up all night and watch the Royal Wedding (which was super fun by the way). Despite currently speaking only gibberish because my tongue is fast asleep, I still have some magic energy left in my excited fingers to write and post some amazing photos of today's epic occasion, courtesy of Dailymail UK and What we now know? Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton is the official designer of Kate Middleton's absolutely beautiful lace Grace Kelly inspired dress, the worst crimes of fashion today were committed by Royal cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and their aunt Princess Anne, Victoria Beckham's 10 inch heels could've been a tad higher, the PM's wife Samantha Cameron wore Burberry and her HAT was apparently out sick, Prince Harry is absolutely charming and adorably disheveled, and Prince William never looked handsomer than when he kissed his bride twice on the Royal balcony...
William to Kate: "You look beautiful"
Modern and perfect: Royal dress by Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton
HRH Queen Elizabeth is regal and on-trend in buttery yellow
Mother of the bride Carole Middleton
The handsome Princes. PS. love the trouser stripes

Best dressed couple Prince Charles and Camilla
Maid of Honor (and '80's eyeliner devotee) Philippa Middleton and bridesmaids
Crimes of Fashion: Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.
One angry grasshopper and one big turkey landing on their heads...
First Lady Samantha Cameron in Burberry. Apparently Hat is out sick
Zara Phillips

David and Victoria Beckham. Hunny you're pregnant, and a pair of ludicrous Louboutins will still not make you as tall as the Archbishop...
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sports enormous blue vagina headwear.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his stunning wife Miriam Gonzalez
There were loads of HATS.....
Guy Ritchie...Madonna's punching a wall right about now in her best British accent...
Elton John and David Furnish leave their bling at home
Prince Albert of Monaco and fiancee Charlene Wittstock
  My boyfriend Prince Felipe of Spain (please lose the beard) flanked by his mother Queen Sofia and his Liliputian wife Letizia, looking dusty in rose tones and sporting one very depressed looking hat


Miriam P. Raphael said...

"...angry grasshopper on her head."
Loved that.

I thought Pippa looked a bit too tan/orange. It's a shame because she's a very pretty girl.

Catie Beatty said...

Thanks for posting these photos! I missed the broadcast because I needed sleeeep. Stunning looks, some for good reasons, others for bad reasons. Leave it up to Posh to wear all black to a wedding! Maybe she's still trying her hardest to avoid wearing white to a wedding again. Your commentary is pretty funny.

Kate Middleton completely outshines everyone, even her prince husband.

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

I did not see it, LOL...but the only thing i LOVED was the fact that her dress was by McQueen..he would of been proud, xoxox I LOVED Williams accent and all those hats seem more interesting to look at then her wedding it was to plain and kinda a rip off of Grace Kelly. For a royal wedding you would think she'l go all

RedPoppy said...

So lovely to hear from you Miriam! Pippa does look a bit like she spent the night on a Caribbean island...and her eyeliner always kills me....!

Catie- Posh was trying hard to be posh, and I think the shade she's wearing is navy;) But Kate truly stole the show, so understated, and absolutely 'ravishing' as Oscar de la Renta put it...

Thanks for your comments Painthead! I do believe Kate wanted to stay true to her natural and understated self, and so with her "large" skirt and little back flounce she probably went as all out as she ever would! (personally I would've loved to see the skirt part with a bit more volume)...

Godmom said...

I don't think Catherine's dress could have been more perfect; don't know how it happened but Harry has eclipsed Wills in the handsome department; snaps to Posh - if a girl is preggers and can walk in those heels she has nothing but my respect.

Now for the big question: was Beatrice's hat horrible because she was wearing it or was it horrible. Because I liked it...just not on her.

Miss Couture Vintage. X said...

LOL@ 'enormous blue vagina head wear'! Oh my goodness, that killed me!

Thank you for your amazing scoop of the royal wedding. You have managed to dig up some amazing images. I am now your new follower!

Please check out my blog to see the post that I made on the royal wedding:

Much love,

A. X

Gracey said...

These are amazing photos! Everything was so pretty :)

RedPoppy said...

Godmom many thanks for your comments! hmmm I do believe Beatrice's hat looked angrier BECAUSE it was on her head:) Personally i think it's a rare Philip Treacy hat that's generally unwearable....xoxo

Gracey- Thanks! xoxo