Monday, April 18, 2011

Redhead Magazine Cover Stars

From bright Crayola red to a more subdued coppery hue, everyone wants to be a redhead it seems! Just take a look at a bewigged Rihanna and a pre-platinum blonde Emma Stone, red hair can't help but speak color and volumes about the fiery and fierce in all of us!
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Federica said...

woooow! I love this post about redhead stars! :)
thanks for your comment, I'm very happy that you follow me!


The Fashion P.A. said...

I just picked up the April VOGUE this past weekend, must have issue!!! so fab..

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

I've been a "red head" since i was 12. Last year i went DARk for the first time, lol...i do miss my red hair, but here in philly that's always been "in" but now more then ever EVERYONE and their mom has red hair, i guess me getting away from red is not that bad.

Red will always be my number one hair color, oxoxoxo

RedPoppy said...

LOVE all your comments thank you! xo RP