Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I Royally Do"

Unless you're still hibernating deep in the forest of winter or you live in a time capsule beneath the earth's surface, you are most likely holding your breath for the most anticipated Royal nuptials of the decade taking place this very Friday! Yes, the countdown is almost over for British balding royal Prince William and fresh-faced commoner Kate Middleton who will say their 'I Royally Do's' at Westminster Abbey on April 29th. The U.K. is in fact my own royal birthplace, and anglophile is high on my list of character descriptions. As a wee girl I fondly remember watching the original Royal wedding on my grandmother's telly, mesmerized, as Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles' royal coach made its crowd besieged way from St. Paul's Cathedral. William and Kate's big day is definitely the stuff of pomp and excitement, I mean you could just swoon with envy over the long and tender love story of these two college sweethearts; and you could cry your eyes out in bitter jealousy for the very same reason. Most amazing to me, however, is just how besotted we Americans have become with British wedding fever, from the never ending coverage of who designed Kate's wedding dress, to those lucky beasts who made the exclusive guest list, to what flavour of biscuits (US=cookies) Wills has commissioned for the big occasion... And what about all those sweet ladies who will be watching the big day from their television sets, wearing nothing but an enormous flowered Hat? In fact at the end of the day it could all just make one feel a little vomitous, so I'm thankful for Lydia Leith's Official Wedding Sick Bags...for those of us who've had it up to our nasal passages with Royal wedding chatter.  
You'll want to keep one handy on April 29th....!

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Aly said...

This post made me smile :) Hahaa down in England me and my Nana are watching it on the TV just to see the cake, the dress and what hat the Queen is wearing ;) xx

Tashrin said...

This is freaking hilarious. :) LOL


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RedPoppy said...

Thanks Aly! I love hearing your Royal plans:) I also can't wait to see what the Queen is wearing xo

RedPoppy said...

haha thanks Tashrin! x

Gracey said...

Hahaha I love this post. Yeah people at school are freaking out because they can't wake up at 4am to watch it because we have a final tomorrow. Silly. I'll stick to watching the highlights and seeing pictures