Friday, February 26, 2010

Quicktake: RODARTE

Before I get on with it I first have to first mention that for years I thought this museum was called the 'Copper Hewitt.' Aaanyways The Cooper-Hewitt, New York's National Design Museum housed in the original Carnegie Mansion, is currently featuring Quicktake: Rodarte, an installation exhibit of the conceptual and artistic designs of fashion duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. I've always had this crazy fascination with their design techniques and fabric manipulation, but to see these processes up close and in person was absolutely mind blowing. Some standouts included a grey hand-marbled leather jacket with straps and fastenings worn over a hand-knit and purled dress, a flesh-colored leather and cotton knit pleated skirt, and painstakingly hand-knit wool cobweb tights which most probably cost slightly more than a pair of HUE. To my utter disappointment taking photos wasn't allowed at the Cooper-Hewitt, which is why I made the extra effort not to get caught when I did. My espionage yielded some blurry results, but combined with a few still photos from the museum's website, here is most of the collection for your viewing pleasure...

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