Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RedPoppy NYC Fun

Just call me Minister of Tourism. Lately I seem to be wandering and discovering new and wonderful parts of New York City, and I love being surprised. I usually have my jaunty camera with me at all times to document my adventures, except of course when I see Tim Gunn walking alongside me on Broadway and I am instantly at a loss for words and muscle movement, and all feeling in my hand returns just in time to snap a blurry photo of Tim's back. But that's neither here nor there...Here are some snapshots of my recent jaunts around the city. I'm also thinking I should sport those cool 3-D glasses around town...
Photos by RedPoppy

Central Park

The Cloisters

West Village
Yep, that's me in the British 'Tea & Sympathy' mobile.


Central Park Conservatory

North Woods in Central Park

DUMBO, Brooklyn


Dolly Daydream said...

Beautiful pictures, I love New York although I've never been there though. It's nice to know that everyday you can wake up and find something different there where I live it's the same ole', 'same ole' you never find anything new.
Anyway bye.
From Dolly

FESI said...


RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comments Dolly! New York is littered with a different neighborhood every 10 blocks!

Thanks Fesi!! xo

Anonymous said...

cute ;-)

Anny said...

You got some really great shots!

RedPoppy said...

Thanks Anny!