Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Scarves

There is a growing trend among scarves which is seeing them out of their previously common wintery state, and into a lighter and airier place called Spring and even Summer! Cotton, linen, and silk-blend scarves in bright colors continue to pop up on fashionable celebrities, who pair them with a casual summer dress, jeans, blazer, etc. For those sudden gusty summer breezes, a nice large scarf will double as an instant upper torso warmer, and a colorful scarf wrapped ever so casually chic around your neck will also take the spotlight away from anything else on your body you may want to lock up for centuries, keeping the casual observer's gaze enviously fixed upwards on your gorgeous eyes. Scarves are also perfect for bad hair days. Did I mention the chicness of gleaming red hair paired with a fuschia scarf ? So many options, so many scarves. Check out some fresh printed styles from Anthropologie, as well as bold prints and colors from Banana Republic.
Main photo, Diagonal Dip Dye Scarf Ann Taylor Loft

Juicy Couture,

Radiant Ombre Scarf,

Christelle Scarf,

A redhead (and slightly deranged) Lindsay Lohan in my favorite (and ridiculously unaffordable) LV Stephen Sprouse Rose scarf.

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redheadfashionista said...

Love your blog, particularly as it celebrates how great being a redhead is! I've just started my own, not specifically aimed at redheads but because I am one, it's named after me! How narcisistic. Keep up the good blogging!