Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love You

It doesn't have to be that slightly annoying cards and confectionery time of year in February (when many of us non-observant and full-time members of the lonely hearts club have to watch overly smiling men clutching red roses and on-sale chocolates running around the city surprising their girlfriends early at work to whisk them off for a romantic dinner) to tell someone you love them. In fact it's always a good time to tell someone" I love you," and for those of you whose hearts may feel slightly broken and wished you had the chance to say those three words, then wear your heart, quite literally, on your sleeve, or shoes, or umbrella, etc. That way you can show some love to everyone you meet on your way. And you never know, that special someone who got away may spot your hearts from a distance and have no choice but to feel........

Felix Rey unmbrella,

Marc by Marc Jacobs patent flats,

Silk scarf,

Marc Jacobs clutch,

Main photo borrowed from

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