Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the Navy J.Crew Style

I really really like J.Crew, even if it's mainly because their catalogues are so darn appealing with their delicious colors, gorgeous models, stripes and plaids, and idyllic photo shoot settings. J.Crew is also one of the few companies which stock super cute clothing in the often hard to find color Navy Blue. As a redhead I am naturally drawn, and totally obsessed, with navy; it's like a match made in spectrum heaven.

According to RedPoppy menswear always looks elegant in navy, especially since navy goes with just about everything. For those handsome redhead men out there -and I know there are plenty- navy should also be one of the most important colors in your wardrobe. I've therefore rummaged through J.Crew.com to find some of the best looks in my favorite color (including many which are now on sale!), and some neutral pieces which will also look fabulous worn with navy. Just think Prince Harry at Polo, or better yet the gorgeous Aussie actor Sam Worthington (does red stubble count???).....

Thin Stripe Linen Tie

Solid Cambridge Tie

Secret Wash Lightweight Shirt in med. Gingham

Secret Wash Button Down in med. Gingham

Lightweight Cotton-Wool Crewneck Sweater

Lightweight Cotton-Wool Cardigan

Regular Fit Lightweight Chino

Suede Jamesport Bucks

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