Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malibu Barbie

Aaah the sandy wind blowing through my hair, a bright California sun and sky glittering in the background as we drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (aka PCH). Just another day on the beachy shores of Malibu, looking out at the seemingly infinite Pacific Ocean, bordering large rambling homes perched atop the sky-high hills (which once in a while turn into scary mudslides). There's a quaint but overpriced Malibu Country Mart which houses a Coffee Bean with top star spottage (we in fact saw a handsome and trim Kelsey Grammer & co enjoying lunch al fresco), and several designer shops. There appeared to be no redheads for miles in Malibu, but I did spot a large shiny red Ferrari convertible which today will work for our Red Poppy purposes. Here are some of my favorite sights captured with my trusty camera.

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