Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chanel in Paris

I had a wonderful daydream just the other day, that I was walking towards the Palais Royal in Paris in my two-tone patent leather boots, black and white tweed suit, and quilted leather handbag, all by Chanel, as I hurried to my front row seat at the Chanel runway show. About a minute later a loud sneeze jolted me back into consciousness and far far away from a wonderful dream. It's a good thing that Chanel held its perennially fabulous fashion show at Paris Fashion Week only a day later. The collection featured lots of Chanel's signature black and white, tweedy jackets, intricately ruffled collars and pleated cuffs, and some clever see through bags which can hold all your Chanel essentials. The message that came out loud and clear from the classic showing is that even though a Chanel tweed suit could potentially bankrupt you, especially in this shaky economy, it still is, and always will be a solid investment. Not to mention tres chic!
Photos by Monica Feudi & Gianni Pucci, borrowed from

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