Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better Off Red

This post is for all you redheads out there whose mothers forbade you to wear red while you were growing up. On the contrary, red can be your best friend as long as you wear it in controlled doses, and make sure to wear the best shade to suit your hair. Coppery and orangey redheads look best in pure red and blue-tone reds, while strawberry blondes and chestnutty redheads shine in pink-reds and tomato-ey shades. Leave the brightest red hues for patterns, nails, lipstick, and bracelets. Courtesy of, RedPoppy has compiled a fetching group of accessories and clothes in my favorite color, and as always, priced for wallets big and small for everyone to enjoy.

Kate Spade at ShopStyle


Moo G said...

i love the red wedges! think they would suite me or are they too high that the front would hurt me?

RedPoppy said...

They are super cute and the color is great, but I checked the website and it looks like the front would be too high for your foot