Monday, August 15, 2011

The September Fashion Issues

For even the most seasoned fashionistas who've seen it all, there is an indescribable pang of excitement and hunger when the big fat September issues start arriving in the mailbox. Packed with glossy pages featuring scrubbed and styled models wearing the latest wooly Fall collections, it creates an insatiable need for a whole new season of clothes and accessories...It's when my creative mind starts to spin with gorgeous images of chunky knit tops, complicated looking suede platforms, yummy winter color charts, soft leather booties, a rainbow of opaque tights (my favorites)....and on it goes until next Spring....I'm exhausted already and I haven't even begun!...Here are some of the mag covers I loved most, and do take note of the flowy chiffon-esque fabrics and silhouettes that are very on point for Fall....
Harper's Bazaar Singapore

Harper's Bazaar Australia

VOGUE Portugal

VOGUE Australia

ELLE Poland

 VOGUE China

-Top image VOGUE US, Images courtesy of FGR.
  Vogue Portugal image courtesy of

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