Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

There comes a time in a busy writer's life when the unimaginable and completely unexpected  happens, and I'm not talking about being nominated for an Outstanding Writing Emmy. Remember on Sex and The City when Carrie's computer crashes and she freaks out because she hadn't backed up her files? Weeeelllll such a scenario happened to me a few days ago..... My laptop died. Suddenly I found myself feeling quite naked and alone, at the will of extremely kind friends and pitying strangers who have since offered me valuable internet time and lots of emotional support. Meanwhile I am crying over the fact that I will not have my weekly RedPoppy Project Runway episode recap for you, and it may further take some days until I get to read and comment on all of your amazing blogs. Have no fear though! I shall continue to write my daily posts even if it means finding an internet connection via the toaster. So thanks for your continued visits to RedPoppy, and I wish everyone a lovely fabulous weekend. PS. Make sure to backup your computer data in your spare time! xo RP

-Image courtesy of je suis un lapin

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Bad Joan said...

That's sucks! Hope you are able to get your laptop repaired soon!