Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway Season 9/Episode 2 Recap: My Pet Project

Hello Designers! In this week's episode each designer had to create an outfit using pet store supplies. That is One unconventional challenge for man, and One gigantic advertising step for Petland Discounts. Back in the workroom the designers' minds swirled with bird food beading, cat-scratch post belting, plastic aquarium plant applique, and puppy wee wee pad dresses. As Tim perfectly (and hilariously) critiques Viktor's garment: "It's like a Depends dress; you never have to get up from your bar stool." Did I mention how much I love Tim right now?

Covered in birdseed, dog collars, and cat litter, the workroom has never looked messier, and I loved every minute of it. The designers really meowed their way through this challenge and we are about to see what the judges, including guest judge Stacey Bendet (co-founder of Alice & Olivia) have to say. Ooh Heidi looks pretty in lilac and neon lips... Moving on, here are my furiously rushing thoughts as each pet look marches down the runway: Danielle's rusty woven top looks modern and fab, Anthony Ryan's micro mini dress covered in bird and sunflower seeds is quite sophisticated and actually looks embroidered, however it also looks like the model was snacking on sunflower seeds and spitting them on herself down the runway... I really love Julie's latticed pet food bag dress, the colors are fresh and I love the silhouette (minus the angled bits)... the colorful roped top of Anya's dress is spectacular, Bryce's wee wee pad dress looks like a big blue cushiony pee pee litter box, Joshua C. underplayed it once again (hey, why did you scrap that cool scratch post obi belt?)... Cecilia's hamster-bedding dress is impressive but all I could think about was let's get that model a hamster wheel!... Olivier's (is the extra "i" really necessary?) furry puppy couch dress reminds me an awful lot of Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop, and last but not least Josh McK's aquarium beaded top and sheer circle skirt ensemble is so fab and oh so Proenza Schouler!
Guess what, the judges love Anthony Ryan's little seeded dress, Olivier's furry ombre tones, and Michael Kors thinks Josh McK's aquarium model looks like "Sea Vixen Barbie." The judges can't decide which of the lowest scorers is the least boring,  and am I the only one who's distracted by the fact that Nina is speaking sooo veery sloooowly this season? The winner of this challenge is......Olivier. Hmm, I think the judges laid an egg on this one. That means an uninspiring and underplayed Josh Christensen is Out. Auf Wiederzayn until next week everybody, and click here for RedPoppy's recap of last week's episode...
**Random PR Episode 2 thought: Designers Joshua McKinley and Julie Tierney are fashion dopplegangers of actors Ryan Reynolds and Reno 911's Mary Birdsong...Thoughts?

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