Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The MET Costume Institute's BIG night celebrates the American Woman

Waiting to see who wore what at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Annual Costume Institute Gala in NYC is just as exciting and drool-worthy as watching the red carpet on Oscar night! The only difference is you're more likely to spot every single young glamorous starlet, including the Lilliputian Olsen twins wearing some giant avant-garde confection while parading on the arm of, say, Christian Louboutin... Anyways, this year's gala celebrates the MET's soon-open-to the-public exhibit American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. Now let's get on with what's really important:

Oprah & Oscar de la Renta

VOGUE's Anna Wintour. Not loving her curtain skirt, even if it is Chanel

A stunning Naomi Watts & my boyfriend Liev Schreiber.

Model Jessica Stam. Flawless!

Carolina Herrera & Calvin Klein

Knobbly-knee trio (check out the better-dressed trio at last year's gala) Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, and Kate Hudson, all in dreary McCartney dresses.

Angry rapper M.I.A., Alexander Wang, and Zoe Kravitz (an exact replica of her parents Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz)

Jude Law & Sienna Miller. Uh Oh, that look of besotted adoration looks dangerously familiar Sienna! Watch out, just saying...

The Laurens, looking like they're attending Prom night at the Rodeo

Demi Moore. Aka Mrs. Robotox

Christina Hendricks. Guess she's the latest Madame Tussauds celebrity addition. Awkward squirrel on shoulder included...

Model Lily Donaldson

Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa flanked by Zoe Saldana & Diane Kruger

Burberry darling Emma Watson

Carey Mulligan. Cute for a night at the movies maybe...

Claire Danes

Above images courtesy of wwd.com

Sarah Jessica Parker looking soft and feminine

Kristin Davis

Anne Hathaway. Gorgeous and tiny!!

Kate Bosworth

Taylor Swift

Michael Kors & Brooke Shields

Chloe Sevigny. Lipstick faux-pas (pale death lips) and clunky designer shoes aside, I LOVE this dress!

Above images courtesy of eonline.com
Intro photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

...AND stay tuned for our upcoming MET Costume Institute Gala fashion disaster post WHAT THE??...


kristy said...

i so love that you call the stella mccartney dresses dreary. they bore me to tears.

Vogue Gone Rogue

RedPoppy said...

thanks for your comment! I'll be the first to call out a bore when I see it, no matter the big designer name...

kristy said...

awesome! the world needs more people like us!