Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here at RedPoppy it was just a matter of time until we'd need to introduce our necessary BRAND NEW series of posts dedicated to the never boring trend of fashion disasters called: WHAT THE???The Hills & The City's Whitney Port

Our very first post is dedicated to a small slew of lovely starlets who turned out for the Linked Against Leukemia DKMS charity gala in New York thursday night. Not sure what it was about that particular red carpet, but how on earth could so many fashion crimes be committed under just one roof?? (come to think of it Cipriani 42nd Street IS pretty large). And poor Whitney Port, committing the worst kind of horticultural crime, looking like a clueless upside-down flower pot...

The City's Olivia Palermo accidentally sat on an ostrich and forgot about it

Solange Knowles


Photos courtesy of Dailymail


Trish said...

WHAT THE??? is right!

redheadfashionista said...

Oh MAN, and Whitney Port was doing so well! There she looks about 50 and clueless.
I kind of like Olivia Palermo's dress, it's the best of the (bad) bunch.

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your comment RF! Olivia's was admittedly the lesser of all evils