Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cannes-Please Don't-Red Carpet

And on the other side of classy is Mariah Carey, doing her best clingy and overexposed impressions in her second-skin halter gowns.
Photos borrowed from dailymail.co.uk

Juliette Binoche is a lovely actress, but her stylist and hairdresser need the sack. Her gown colors are unflattering and her hair looks like it was washed under an extra low-pressure shower head.
Photos borrowed from myfashionlife.com and google.com

Hillary Swank usually looks styled to perfection, but here I think she looks more like the Tin Man starring in Transformers III.
Photo borrowed from dailymail.co.uk

Evangeline Lilly made it into my Cannes-Do right below this post, but the cut of this Mediterranean-blue Valentino gown makes the lovely star look, well, Lost at sea.
Photo borrowed from dailymail.co.uk

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