Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What A Croc: Balenciaga

Who could predict back in 2001 when Nicolas Ghesquière launched a line of rough and tumble Motorcycle Le Dix bags that he would have a decade long hit, and counting, on his hands?? For ages I've been fascinated with the long standing adoration of Balenciaga's City bags (as referred to nowadays, though I'm still unabashedly confused as to when the "Motorcycle, Le Dix, Lariat" titles were dropped). Of course it helps that these utterly cool distressed Italian lambskin bags are offered up in a dizzying array of colors and trims each season, so those of us who can afford more than one will always be satisfied and wanting more at the same time (cue to various celebrities who own at least 8). Take for example Balenciaga's latest City bag reincarnation Croc City Classic which is all luxurious crocodile leather in a dusty overly feminine shade of lavender (I would've preferred a dark grey, or even green). It's a perfect stocking stuffer, and did I mention the whopping price tag of $17,500?? For that money I could actually buy my own crocodile and have it custom dyed in various shades of pink. Better yet just think of how many original lambskin City bags in different colors I could buy for $17,500, at least nine, plus my favorite current style, The Arena Cross City Classic. These bags aren't going anywhere, and I'd say we have a Classic indeed on our hands!

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