Monday, December 6, 2010

RedPoppy's Holiday Gift Flats

Hiya everyone! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I've been meaning to write loads more and also read through so many of your fabulous blogs, but it's been a very busy few weeks lately involving resumes, fashion job hunts, family, winter boot research, and of course a heavy holiday dose of introspection. So in my continuing quest to find you some more fashionable RedPoppy holiday gift ideas, I've come across these gooorgeous festive flats in sparkles and satin that will make your feet feel like a fabulous cocktail party. So my dear readers I'm baaaack and more redhead than before, so please keep reading and make sure to stay tuned for RedPoppy's upcoming exclusive interview with stunning redhead model Chantal Stafford-Abbott!! Love and kisses, RP

Shoe Guide from top to bottom:
Kate Spade
Kate Spade


Fé... said...

I heart the golden ones from Lanvin. It would be perfect for the glamorous Christmas celebration! Thanks for the gift ideas :)

RedPoppy said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Fe!

Katie said...

LOVE that last pair! But of courrrrrrrse I do! I love everything Kate Spade. The woman can do no wrong! :)

RedPoppy said...

:) Katie your words are truth!