Monday, November 29, 2010

RedPoppy's Exclusive Interview with Supermodel Maayan Keret

Israeli born redhead supermodel Maayan Keret lit up the fashion runways of top designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix in the 1990's. Lucky for us she is back in full force via Verbmodels, and in addition to her gorgeous red tresses she's also bringing along an insatiable lust for life, motherhood, modeling, and a slew of new adventures coming her way. Best of all Maayan has graciously answered some of our most pressing redhead questions!...

What was it like growing up in Israel as a natural redhead?
It wasn't easy... as a child lots of kids called me in different names like "Giraffe" since I was too tall, freckled & redhead, but as I was a teenager I found the people who liked my colour & started to understand that being special is something I like & it fits me. Also growing up in a sunny country with a very pale skin wasn't a bingo, I get burned for a few times & couldn't stay in the sun too long as the other kids.

Are there certain colors you are drawn to which make you feel fabulous?
I like all the colours, I wear even pink & orange. I think everything can fit, but the best for me is green or red.

Please share with us some of your memories from your time with legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent.
Yves Saint Laurent- when I worked with him he was already not in his best... but I could see his desire through his eyes. He had a dog with him all the time, he was very quiet & concentrated on the clothes. We have never spoken so much but we have had some magic moments together.

Red hair and curls is a fierce combination. Which products do you use to keep your hair looking gorgeous?
I try to keep it as natural I can, I use moisture cream for my hair every day which I change every few months so that way It works better. During Winter time I put olive oil for two hours, sometimes.

How has working in the fashion world influenced your personal style and how you dress in the morning?
I've learned a lot from the fashion people, it gave me a lot of ideas & interest. I change my style, sometimes I just wear jeans or black pants & a simple shirt. People can always see what I'm going through in my personal life in the way I dress.

You're a mother, artist, writer, producer, traveler, and lecturer. What's your advice to other women who want to find balance in their personal and creative lives?
I think there are few important things for me - one is to plan my time efficiency so that I can do all different things (& not to be lazy). Second is to let myself always be open to different & new things, to ask myself questions all the time so I can see what I really want to do now, not be afraid of changes & not to think of what other people think or what it looks like.
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