Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide from Sephora

So last week I wrote about J.Crew's excellent holiday gift guide and all its fashionable winter goodies. This week it's all about the gift that gets the most squeals of glee and joy, plus you just can't go wrong with what women want: Makeup! Remember that time when you received a gorgeous plum lip gloss all wrapped up in a pretty satin bow or that perfect gold YSL sparkling eye shadow set that arrived in a small gilded box? I loved those pressies! Ok maybe you can go horribly wrong if you've got your untrained gifting eye on a pale frosted pink lipstick set aside for your redheaded niece, or a winter-themed beauty set packaged in a forest of cinnamon scented moisturizer, cinder perfumed body wash, and pine cone foot scrubbers. I've got news for you, that present's going straight into the recycling bin. Anyways, Sephora is my favorite makeup emporium and it's always chock full of your favorite makeup brands, pots, palettes, and gift sets that are all about pretty shimmer, and are completely wooded-area free. So go ahead and put some plummy shimmering gloss, the perfect red lipstick, and pink sparkle blush on your list. You also get three free samples with every order, and it's free shipping when you spend over $50.

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